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About the company

LLC Nevsky Filter plant No.1

A Russian manufacturer of respiratory protective equipment. We produce respirators of various shapes (molded and folding) and all levels of protection (FFP1, FFP2, FFP3). Respirators branded NEVSKY FILTER are used in many industries: health care, construction, agricultural works, processing industry, wood-processing industry, chemical processing, petrochemical production, pharmaceutical production and others.

Nevsky Filter Plant - оne of few competitive Russian companies producing respirators using modern technologies and high-technology equipment. Engineers of our plant have a great experience in production automation and other spheres of engineering and have very successfully transferred this experience to RPE production. An engineering department that designs new products and their accessories, molds and equipment for respirator production works on the basis of the Nevsky Filter Plant.

We design

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For RPE production we use high-quality filtering hypoallergic materials, as well as functional attachment systems providing comfort and optimal fit of respirators on the user’s face. All RPE components have quality certificates, which indicates high requirements to the quality of raw products and materials that are necessary for ensuring safety of people’s life and health.

Strict quality control at all stages evidences our serious approach to the production process. We pay special attention to tests, each lot of the released products for full compliance with the specified technical characteristics.

Our enterprise has the following basic quality control elements:

  • Incoming control including checking supplied raw products for full compliance with the specified technical characteristics and accompanying technical documentation;
  • Checking process equipment and all tools used in production;
  • Control of all processes which comprise a full work cycle for compliance with the production processes;
  • Inspection of the entire process and enterprise as a whole.

The policy of the Nevsky Filter Plant is aimed at improving the technical production level, at enhancing the quality of filtering masks and respirators, their competitive ability, at expanding sales markets, and reducing production expenses and costs. Thus, we not only strive to comply with the high level quality of RPE of the world’s leading manufacturers, but also to be equally competitive with them.

We welcome new dealers in the Russian Federation and CIS to cooperation.

We will be glad to see you among our partners and dealers of the Nevsky Filter Plant.