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Questions and answers

General issues

LLC Nevsky filter plant No. 1 - the Russian manufacturer of personal protective equipment of respiratory organs.
Production is located in St. Petersburg at the address: Glinyanaya str., 23, lit.
The products were tested and received a Registration certificate and a PCT Certificate.
The plant "Nevsky Filter" produces austriators of different shapes (molded and folded) and all degrees of protection (FFP1, FFP2, FFP3). We manufacture medical single-use medical protection class FFP2 and FFP3 series MEDICS and technical half mask filtering (respiratory) class protection FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 series EASY, LIFE. Also preparing for the release of moulded restaurators series COMFORT.

All austriators are released with valves and without an exhalation valve.
Traditiators have elastic ribbons and a convenient retainer on the carrier, which provide comfort and reliable fixation of respiratory devices.

IMPORTANT! The correct choice of the respiratory model is one of the conditions for effective protection of the user from pollutants.

He exhalation valve is a device built into the respirator and is designed to remove the exhaled excess air that accumulates in the subcutaneous space.

The valve facilitates breathing, helps to remove heated air from the under-mask space and reduces the concentration of carbon dioxide under the respirator. Respirators with an exhalation valve work longer due to the fact that along with the air they also remove excess moisture, which reduces the efficiency of the filter.
The respirators of the Nevsky Filter factory are used in many industries:

  • health
  • care construction
  • agricultural work
  • woodworking industry
  •  chemical processing
  •  petrochemical production
  • pharmaceutical production
  •  food industry
  • metalworking
  •  mining industry
  •  shipbuilding
  • automotive
  • transport transportation
  • energy

1. Preparing the respirator for use
* treat your hands with an alcohol-based antiseptic or wash them with soap and water;
* remove the respirator from the packaging;
* visually check the integrity of the respirator.

2. Instructions for putting on the respirator
• Put the lower headband band over your head and place it around your neck.
* Apply the respirator to the face, so that the lower section is under the chin, and the upper protrusion is on the bridge of the nose.
* Place the top band of the headband on the back of the head.
* Adjust the tension of the headband straps if necessary.
* Use both hands to bend the nose clip so that it fits snugly on the bridge of your nose. The seal should fit snugly to the face, but not squeeze the skin.