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The Nevsky Filter Plant was founded in 1996 in Saint Petersburg. The idea of setting up an enterprise producing automobile filters was based on the powerful potential and enthusiasm of people, their inborn engineering literacy, who have a clear vision of the future development of the industry and of the company.

In 1996 the first products were released, air filters for domestic automobiles VAZ and GAZ, which was in the highest demand in the market. Gradually the company expanded the range of the released filters, opened workshops producing oil and fuel filters. Such a decision was taken in connection with the long-felt need to expand the line of products and offer something new to the consumer. By the time the company had already sufficiently studied the needs of its basic buyers, but still it was rather a risky experiment. And it should be noted that it has been successful. Following the development of the automobile industry and the needs of the market, the plant opened a shop producing cabin filters and a shop producing filters for trucks and special machinery. The plant started to produce all types of automobile filters not only for domestic bot for imported automobiles as well. Over these years the plant opened a tool shop, metal press shop, corrugation shop, engineering department.

Thus, in several years the first Russian industry holding was formed that produced filters and filter elements under the brand NEVSKY FILTER widely known and popular today. Over the years of operation the production of air filter has grown into a major manufacturer and reliable supplier.

Today the Nevsky Filter Plant is a leading domestic manufacturer of automobile filters and filtering elements for light passenger vehicles and trucks, as well as for agricultural and special machinery, locomotives, vessels, chemical production, petrochemical complexes, for production equipment of machine tools, for cleaning gas and petrol systems, for ventilation and building air conditioning systems, for refueling units FZA of airplanes and helicopters. The product line of the Nevsky Filter Plant amounts to about 700 filter items.

We are trusted by more than 100 known large companies among which there are: AVTOVAZ, KAMAZ, GAZ, Minsk Motor Plant, Ural Diesel and Motor Plant, Russian Railways (incl. "Sapsan"), Uralvagonzavod, Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant - URALTRAK, Volgograd Tractor Plant, Kama Plant of Brake Apparatus and Aggregates, Siberian Coal Power Company, Surgutneftegaz, Gazprom, Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Rusia for Emergency Situations and many others.

More information on the Nevsky Filter Plant > nevsky-filter.ru.

In 2020 a workshop producing RPE was created on the base of the Nevsky Filter Plant. Our experience in setting up a powerful enterprise producing filters helped us in shortest times possible to set up the output of respirators and as early as the end of April 2020 to ship the first batch of protective respirator masks NF95 DELTA. From the very first day of the inception of the idea for the production of RPE and till now we are continuously moving ahead, expanding our production. Now the product line of respirators branded NEVSKY FILTER amounts to about 20 items. Immediate plans of the Nevsky Filter Plant are not to stop at the attained level, but to proceed in its development, offering respirators of new designs and with improved technical parameters for the RPE market.



  • Commencement of production of the first air filters for VAZ and GAZ domestic automobiles.


  • 15 January 1997 registration of the company Nevsky Filter.
  • Registration of the brand Nevsky Filter.
  • Registration of a patent for the new integral polyurethane designed according to the specifications of a plant in Dzerszhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, therewith significantly lowering the prices for the filters.
  • First participation in the International Automobile Exhibition in Moscow.


  • Start of production of oil filters.
  • Start of production of fuel polyamide filters.


  • The plant moves from leased premises to its own building with the total area over 11,500 square meters.
  • Start of production of fuel filters for automobiles with an injector engine.


  • The Nevsky Filter Plant becomes one of the leaders of the Russian automobile market in production of filters and filter elements.


  • The Nevsky Filter Plant becomes one of the leaders of the Russian automobile market in production of filters and filter elements.


  • The plant undergoes certification under the quality management system ISO 9001-2008.
  • Purchase of a fully automated line "KARL RABOFSKY GMBH" (Germany) for production of cabin filters.


  • The Nevsky Filter Plant wins a tender and becomes an official supplier of filters to the GAZ Group enterprises.


  • The Nevsky Filter Plant wins a tender to supply filters to the conveyor of CJSC G.M. AVTOVAZ.


  • Received a compliance certificate of the EAC customs union.
  • The Nevsky Filter Plant became a finalist of the National Prize "AUTOMOBILE COMPONENT OF THE YEAR 2016".


  • Putting into operation a new in-house automatic painting line.


  • A contract is signed with OJSC Ulyanovsk Motor Plant for supply of filters to the conveyor of the enterprise.
  • A contract is signed with PJSC Avtodizel (Yaroslavl Motor Plant) for supply of filters to the conveyor of the enterprise.
  • A contract is signed with one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers Mitsubishi Motors for supply of filters to the conveyor of the enterprise.


  • RPE production engineering.
  • Preparation of clean premises for RPE production in accordance with the 2017 code of rules for buildings and premises of medical organizations (operation rules).
  • Development of design documentation and RPE production technologies.
  • Putting into operation a new workshop producing RPE.
  • Preparation and release of the first batch of molded respirator masks.
  • Receipt of RST certificate for respirators.
  • Receipt of Registration certificate for medical respirators.
  • Setting up production and release of medical respirators.
  • Setting up production and release of folding two-panel respirators
  • Work on expanding RPE product line.
  • Work on receipt of certificate TR TS 019/TS.
  • Work on setting up production of personal protection equipment for organs of hearing and vision.